At the AURA a touch of art … 

Due to the unique note at our AURA Spa a visit will be an unforgettable experience for you. You can expect a combination of exotic atmosphere from Asia combined with Turkish traditions.To keep your beauty and  your youth we invite you to our AURA Spa.

Our goal is 

By “magic touch”  you feel from the first moment in your body waves of inner peace and happiness extending to your soul and spirit. Since thousend of years refined with aromatic scents from all over the world you will experience the world of massages and treatments in beautiful decorated rooms.


  • Generously laid out 

Includes: 1 steam bath, 2 sauna, 1 VIP Hamam for 2 people, 1 general Hamam, 12 big massage rooms, 1 room for skin care, 1 room for body care. AURA Spa different massage techniques and treatment methods be applied which are also known in the literature on massages. Our professional team offers to our guests excellent service.